Workshop Three:
Creating Clear Roadmaps To Get What We Want

Communicating Our Desires, And Evaluating Our Efforts:
Recognizing, Refining, And Applying Effective Solutions

Workshop Skills And Abilities

The Strongest Organizations, Are Formed From Strong Individuals And Strong Teams, Who Are Well Prepared, And Clearly Understand How To Use The Principles Of Effectiveness Management To Their Benefit.

Build Fully Effective Environments:
Create More Effective Choices, Deliver More Effective Solutions
Create Confidence And Clarity:
Share Knowledge, Precept, Consideration, And Experience
Measure And Manage Effectiveness:
Know What To Look At, And How To Look At It

Success Notes

Strong, Effective Teams, Individuals, Societies, And Divisions.

A Deep Understanding Of How To Use The Principles Of Effectiveness Management.

Considering Our Next Move:
Answering The Question, What Are We Going To Do About It?

Because Knowing What We're Going To Do About It,

Is Often The Difference Between Getting What We Want,

And Experiencing Large Quantities Of Pain